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Online tutorials, tips, and help on programming in C and C.
  • Free Programming in C email course

    This is a free email course in C programming. You also have access to support forums to ask your questions and there is an optional personal tutor service also available...

  • Experts Advice - C-C++

    If you have any Queries related to C-C++ programming you can ask the expert and they will help you out for the problem or will refer you to some other sites where you can find the solution to your problem..

  • Graphics.h - C Language Reference

    Graphics programming in C Language is discussed rarely. This tutorial discusses some important functions of graphics.h in C Language, at the end there is a simple program to demonstrate the use of graphics functions. ..

  • C++ File I/O -

    File handling is an important part of all programs. Most of the application will have their own features to save some data to the local disk and read data from the disk again. C++ File I/O classes simplify such file read/write operations for the programmer. C++ File I/O Classes and Functions: There are 3 File I/O classes in C++ which are used for File Read/Write operations. They are 1. ifstream 2. ofstream 3. fstream ..

  • Beginning Visual C++ 6.0

    This is an useful tutorial through which you can gain more knowledge about the Visual C++ programming concepts. The author teaches you about the method of declaring variables in VC++, various datatypes, operators, in-built functions such as c-in, c-out and various string maninpulation functions such as toupper tolower, compare, replace etc., control statements, arrays etc., The author also tells you about the file handling mechanism in VC++...

  • Win32 Socket Client

    This article discusses about how to do a winsocket programming using win32. This article says that it is possible to create a synchronous client socket by following the similar pattern of the Unix C++ socket program. By following all basic steps of this article the programmers can create a C++ socket perfectly and effeciently...

  • DirectX Programming

    It is a tutorial made to help C++ programmers who are new to DirectX for them to get acquainted with the libraries, in particular DirectDraw and DirectInput...

  • Visual C++ .NET: Getting Started

    Many developers see Visual C++ as the old shoe of the programming trade - it feels comfortable and they know it well. This language represents time tested programming technology. In addition, it's a robust language capable of creating any type of application...

  • Basic C++ functions

    This is a tutorial in which the people who are visiting can gather knowledge about functions on C and C++. This tutorial elaborately discusses about two functions which are coded differently but give same results. By the end of the tutorial the visitors can use C and C++ functions effeciently...


    SDL or Simple Directmedia Layer is a simple introduction to making multi-platform games. SDL is an easy to use library for Sound, Input, Timers, and 2D graphics (3D graphics are accomplised through the use of OpenGL). It teaches you how to make your basic SDL window that you can compile on any platform! ..

  • qsort: sorting array of strings, integers and structs

    qsort() is standard C function for sorting arrays. It is defined by ISO C standard, and implemented in most C/C++ standard libraries(stdlib.h). This article contains an example of using qsort() for sorting integers, strings and structs..

  • All About: File I/O in C++

    This tutorial starts with the very basis of File I/O (Input/Output) in C++ and goes on to the advance level. Includes many code examples.You need to have good understanding of C++, otherwise this tutorial will be unfamiliar and not useful to you..

  • C++: Object-Oriented Design and Programming

    This Pack contains 8 papers, covering the following topics: Pointers to Member Functions; Dynamic Memory Management Techniques; A Tour Through C++; Dynamic Binding; C++ Container Classes; Overview of Basic C++ Constructs; Single and Multiple Inheritance in C++; Basic Examples; Language Support for Abstract Data Types. ..

  • Secure Programming : Random Numbers

    This paper discusses how to get secure random numbers for your application. We describe how to take a single, secure, random number (a seed), and stretch it into a big stream of random numbers using a secure pseudo-random number generator. We talk about how to get random data in lots of different representations (e.g., an integer in a particular range or a printable string). We also discuss how to get real randomness in an environment that is fundamentally deterministic...