Books on programming in C and C++ languages.
  • C++ Programming

    This book serves as an introduction to the C++ language. It teaches how to program in C++ and how to properly use its features. It does not attempt to teach object-oriented design to any depth. There are three goals: First, to produce a concise introductory text, free from unnecessary verbosity, so that beginners can develop a good understanding of the language in a short period of time. Second, to combine a tutorial style (based on explanation of concepts through examples) with a reference style (based on a flat structure). As a result, each c..

  • A Beginners C++

    Beginners C++ is primarily intended for introductory Computer Science courses that use C++ as an implementation language. However, the book should be equally suited to an individual who wants to learn how to program their own personal computer. This book assumes that you are a computer literate. You are required to have experience with word processing packages, and possibly other packages like spreadsheets and data bases. Although most schools do provide a limited introduction to programming (u..

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Windows Applications by Example

    Microsoft Visual C++ Windows Applications by Example is a new book for C++ programmers published by Packt. Written by Stefan Björnander, this book will show users how to develop professional, real-life applications by examining real world examples. The book begins with a quick explanation on the C++ language, and uses the Visual C++ IDE to create Windows applications which include a Tetris-style game, a drawing application, a spreadsheet, and a word processor. ..