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Sites offering various ASP.NET applications and components.
  • AppsSolutions India

    We at AppsSolutions use latest Software & Web Technologies to deliver our clients the best business solutions. We provide Software Development , Enterprise Applications Development, Domain Registration , Website Hosting, Website designing, Internet marketing, E-Commerce portal , Online Shopping Carts , Web Applications, Online Information, Payment Gateways , Management Systems, Database Driven Vortals, Search Engine Optimization, Project Outsourcing, Offshore Softw..

  • BPLawyerCaseDocuments - Lawyer Case Documents Script

    BPLawyerCaseDocuments - Is a script where lawyers can manage cases and deal with case documents in an easy way. The script allows attorneys and law offices to manage and view case documents. It includes an agent panel where agents can login and manage clients information and includes an administrator panel where site administrator can have control of all data...

  • Code101.com

    This is a website that deals with .NET framework and ASP.NET. Visitors can find several tutorials and articles related to various ASP.NET issues. This website can be utilized by the visitors to learn more about the functions of .NET framework. This website also provides visitors a chance to participate on quizzes to let them develop their knowledge on ASP.NET and .NET framework...

  • DeveloperLand

    This is a website which is maintained by .NET programmers. There are several downloadable codes and articles in this website that are provided by various authors. This website can be utilized by the ASP.NET developers for their benefit. This website’s each content has been categorized for a better navigation...

  • eStream PanelBar.NET Pro

    eStream PanelBar.NET allows developers to create powerful and attractive menus for their web sites or web applications in just a few lines of code. The product offers out of the box support for XP styled and Outlook styled navigations...

  • WebGrid ASP.NET Project

    Web application where users can design their own web forms online, test the application, modify, generate project, and download a fully functional web project. A project contains following base elements: web forms, form relation, columns, and column properties. When downloading a project the user will retrieve a zip file containing the web files, database files, and configuration file needed for the project...

  • BPMembers

    BPMembers is a simple script to use, cost effective way for associations, clubs, businesses and individuals to manage a database of members, subscribers, customers or suppliers online. Technology: Ruby On Rails 2.0.2 Database: MySQL Main Features: * Club registration * Club owners may create registration forms for members * Admin Panel with reports, including export to Excel..

  • Error Bank

    database of .NET errors, exceptions and solutions for them. Have a problem? Get a solution fast!..

  • BPEstate

    BPEstate - the script, that helps you to get your real estate web site up quickly with powerful tools to manage it! You will be amazed at a great number of useful features: add/manage your listings, using a user-friendly administration console, multilingual support, posting properties with pictures and much more... Technology: ASP.NET2.0 C# Database: MSSQL 2005 ..

  • XPath for .NET Developers

    XPath for .NET Developers is an useful tutorial for the programmers to learn about principles of XPath and process of utilizing XML Path Language to detect a specified node in XML document. In this tutorial the author elaborates various specification of Xpath to execute different task. The author explains about various functionalities of Xpath and the method of utilizing it...

  • All About .NET

    Hi Everybody!! Here U can Share all queries, provide info for all .Net Concepts. I have provided my personal link. Interested people can post their content to me... www.braindotnet.blogspot. com Ragards Muthukumar N www.braindotnet.blogspot. com ..

  • TheDotNetDirectory.com

    This is website where one can find number of links to the .NET related websites, which will be useful for gathering tutorials, articles and many other ASP.NET related information. All provided links are categorized into several categories for a better convenience. This website will be also useful for the visitors to find ASP.NET web hosting and web service providers...

  • Web Programming ASP.NET USA Company

    When it comes to deciding on your next online business idea, whether it’s a start-up business or an existing business that needs a internet overhaul, dzine it, inc. is here to help! We are proficient programmers – it’s just what we do. Experts at asp.net web development, we take pride in our programming proficiency. After all, it is this time-tested experience and expertise that forms the foundation of secure, reliable, and easy-to-use web sites. From large-scale content management systems, to s..

  • BPConferenceReporting - Reporting Web Application

    BPConferenceReporting is a web-based application for management of reporting of conferences, meetings, courts etc. Companies may book conference dates, order transcripts of the speeches and manage their bookings. Reporters may update conference data and upload transcripts of speeches. Administration options are users approval, booking consolidation, uploading transcripts and billing. Technology: ASP.NET 2.0 C# Database: MSSQL 2005 Price: $150.00 Main Features: Client registration Booking conferences Ordering transcripts..

  • DotNetSlackers

    Your source to get the latest asp.net news from well known community and blog sites. ..

  • Web, Networking and E-mail Development

    AfterLogic Corp is the industry leader in developing modern AJAX-enabled applications, as well as professional networking and data processing components for ASP.NET, ASP and PHP platforms. AfterLogic's products, such as MailBee WebMail and MailBee.NET Objects, have been selected and implemented by thousands of businesses all over the world, to great acclaim. AfterLogic's Professional Services department applies the same outstanding quality to custom projects that we put into our products...