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Online tutorials and guidelines on programming in ASP.NET.
  • Control Template in DataGrid, Repeater and DataList Controls

    template is a combination of HTML elements, controls and embedded server controls, and can be used to customize and manipulate the layout of a control. ASP.NET provides three server controls for displaying data in a customized layout: Datagrid control, Repeater control, and Datalist control. This tutorial explains how to use a template to customize the layout of these controls. ..

  • Understanding AJAX Applications and ASP.NET

    AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) describes a cross-platform, client-centric approach to developing Web applications. In AJAX, developers use client scripts to make asynchronous calls to Web server applications using an XML-based protocol. The new ASP.NET technology code-named "Atlas" is a package of Microsoft technologies that applies and extends the AJAX approach. This topic describes the Web application development issues that AJAX addresses, explains the basic concepts of AJAX, and more..

  • How To Use AdRotator Control

    AdRotator is one of the Rich Web Controls available in ASP.NET. AdRotator control is available in ASP.Net to make the task of rotating the advertisement images in a web form quickly and easily. It displays banner advertisements randomly. This tutorial explains how to rotate advertisement images on web form by using AdRotator Control...

  • Best Practices for ASP.NET Development

    This session attempts to summarize some best practices that developers will find useful when building ASP.NET applications. The presentation focuses on common tasks and illustrates the use of the best practices...

  • Data Normalization using ASP.NET

    Data Normalization uses different techniques to narrow down values to a certain range. Min-Max and z-Score are most common normalization techniques. In this tutorial we will use ASP.NET to solve the data normalization problem. A web-based application will a read dataset, normalize it, and store it in a Microsoft Access database. The normalized dataset will be displayed to the user in an ASP.NET data grid control...

  • Sending Email with ASP.NET

    In this article we will be discussing on how you can send emails using your ASP.NET applications. In ASP.NET application, you can send electronic mails by using either the SmtpMail class or the MailMessage class found in the System.Web.Mail namespace. ..

  • Managing ASP.NET Sessions

    This tutorial explains everything you need in order to start using sessions in your website. Sessions in the websites are very important as one of the ways how you can send sensitive data from one web page to another. ..

  • Select and Display database records in ASP.NET

    How to connect to a database and access records is a piece of functionality that most web developers (be it Classic ASP, PHP, PERL, ASP.NET) have to contend with a on a regular basis. Actually, any developer who has ever built a dynamic site (and we're talking multi-millions here) has found themselves working with data stored in a database. "But I just want to know how to do it with ASP.NET" I heard you say... Good, because I'm about to show you how in simple, common sense terms. ..

  • How to Use Master Pages

    A master page makes it easy for you to create pages that have common elements such as banners and navigation menus. That's why it is one of the most important new features of ASP.NET 2.0. In fact, you may decide that you're going to use one master page for every group of pages that you develop. ..

  • Using Calendar Control in ASP.NET

    Calendar is one of the Rich Web Controls available in ASP.NET. Calendar is used to display a one-month calendar. This tutorial explains how to use Calendar Control to select dates or time periods. ..

  • Build Notepad ASP.NET Web Application

    A complete ASP.NET 2.0 Notepad Web application example (with source code). Explains Forms, sign in process, some complex SQL queries and new HiddenField ASP.NET 2.0 server control...

  • Using the SAP.NET Connector to connect your .NET applications to

    This article will demonstrate how to get connected to SAP and how to call an ABAP function and pass data to and from SAP. The SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET is a programming environment that enables communication between the Microsoft .NET platform and SAP Systems. It supports SAP Remote Function Calls (RFC) and Web services, and allows you to write various applications, for example, Web form, Windows form, and console applications within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. ..

  • Amazon E-Commerce Services Search examples

    This example demonstrates how Amazon E-Commerce Services can be used to essentially build your own If you can surf it on, you can access it through Amazon's Web Services. (okay...ALMOST anything) ..

  • Explain Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) Assembler?

    MSIL Assembler (Ilasm.exe) is a command line tool provides by .Net. The MSIL Assembler generates a portable executable (PE) file from MSIL assembly language. You can run the resulting executable, which contains MSIL and the required metadata, to determine whether the MSIL performs as expected..

  • Design Patterns In VB.NET School

    Using design patterns can lead to better designed and implemented object oriented programs. They can also help make code more understandable. The Programmer's Heaven design patterns school covers each design pattern, complete with explanations and code examples in VB.NET. It also looks at the approach taken by the creators of design patters and the motivation for using them in your own development. ..

  • ASP.NET Forms Authentication, Best Practices

    ASP.NET does an excellent job of providing out of the box support for multiple forms of authentication using the classes in System.Web.Security namespace. In v1.1 of the framework, there exists support for forms-based, Microsoft Passport based and Integrated Windows (or NTLM) based authentication. These are intended to provide developers with easy access to an intuitive API which they can use to add authentications features to their own applications without having to reinvent it from scratch. ..

  • Using XML in ASP.NET

    This tutorial explains how to store and retrieve data by using XML with ASP.NET web application. XML is a cross-platform, hardware and software independent, text based markup language, which enables you to store data in a structured format by using meaningful tags. XML stores structured data in XML documents that are similar to databases. ..