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Sites and archives offering a variety of Ajax scripts and resources
  • Best Ajax Scripts

    The ajax site contains a collection of ajax scripts and web-related jax applications . All scripts are provided with online examples. It has a great search tool to find the scripts and tutorials you need! Also you can Submit your scripts-tutorials and get hits! Thx ..

  • Ajax F1

    Ajax F1 is a website dedicated to AJAX development. You can find Ajax tutorials and scripts on the portal...

  • book barcodes

    More dexterous book barcode software provides option to copy paste barcode labels, tags, images at specified location like MS word, paint etc...

  • FreedomJS - AJAX For Everyone

    This is one awesome prototype that was build to reduce effort, time, & complexity of interactive programs. It is the coolest AJAX Prototype ever, it is easy to use and easy to customize for any needs. Submitting a form through this prototype is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The prototype is so easy to pick up you can learn the basics in less than a few minutes and start using it...

  • Free Ajax Scripts .NET

    We intend to build the largest Free Ajax Scripts Directory. Our directory is categorized and each script has demo so that you can test it before waste any time installing it. ..

  • jqSajax

    jqSajax is simple way to call PHP function/method from javascript. You can use it as jQuery Plugin, so we can call php function/method as: var result=$.x_phpfunction(va r1,var2); or you can call like: var result=$.x_object_method( var1,var2); Example: to call helloworld($var1,$var2) function in PHP , you can write input button like this: jQuery Ajax return a page (data type is XML,JSON,text,script,html ,etc)...

  • Acid.JS

    Get most of the website widgets and tools Iím developing in a single package that is regularly updated. Whenever a new script or script update is available, it will be included in the download file. See whatís included: ContextMenu.XML 1.0, Skinnable Web 2.0 Buttons 3.0, Rounded Corners Panel.JS 1.0, TabStrip.XML 1.5, Web 2.0 AJAX Loading Panel, PageAnnouncement.XML 1.0, AntipixelButtons.XML 1.0, CheckBox.XML 5.0, RadioButton.XML, Skinnable Browser Dialogs 3.0, Upload.XML 1.0, ColorPicker.XML ..

  • Ajax resources

    This is a directory of AJAX resources and fremeworks that are necessary for every AJAX programmer. ..