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Online tutorials and guidelines on how to program in Ajax
  • Reverse Ajax Technique

    Ajax based applications and websites have the ability to update specific parts of the webpage without changing the whole content. Using JavaScript as the language for development, developers are able to send information to the server-side faster with lesser bandwidth. But still Ajax is just like most web development application. The connection from the server to client and vice versa has to be completed before another request could be done. ..

  • ThinkCAP JX RAD for Ajax Based Development

    RAD (Rapid Application Development) is probably the most popular type of SDLC model today. With this development model, developers are able to build an application really fast. Basically RAD lets the developers constantly build an application by stages while consulting to the potential users. With that technique, developers does not only cuts the testing stage but they also ensure that the application are built according to the specification of the future users...

  • Wt The C++ Framework for Ajax

    We have come across so many frameworks that can easily render Ajax with their set of efficient libraries. Most of these frameworks require developers to be proficient in Java so that the framework could easily understand the function and translate that into JavaScript and an efficient Ajax based application. They can use a powerful server-side framework, a user friendly client side network or a good mash-up which combines the good points of both framework...

  • How To Start a Site Like Youtube, Myspace or Facebook

    New: Myspace and Yotube as 1 Site! datecomm is a php script like myspace, create albums, upload music like myspace 2. Videos Broadcast Yourself is a php script like youtube. Members can upload video clips etc.. like youtube. 3. SocialGroupie is a phhp sript like facebook only better! from $20 per month with hosting, complete turnkey solution. Developers Licenses with all source code available, discount volume pack of 10 for 50% off. ..

  • Implement JSP for Ajax

    In previous blogs, we talked about JSP (JavaServer Pages) as tags that could be easily integrated with Ajax. As JSP has the capacity to process XML, this lightweight function could easily be associated with a Java-enabled framework. This technique will help developers easily build an Ajax based application using their knowledge in Java and not write anything in JavaScript. When JSP was launched, some of its tags could be easily integrated to the present framework..

  • AJAX without XMLHTTP

    have a client that has their own version of IE installed in their large user base (I think this is very typical of large corporations). While they have JavaScript running, they have removed the XMLHTTP object. So, how do you do AJAX without XMLHTTP? ..

  • Speed up Ajax using JSMin in JavaScript

    JavaScript, whether in Ajax or any web development application has the tendency to be heavier even when coded at its barest. The complexity of the language always requires developers to build lines after lines of commands especially in Ajax. When this language is paired with XML, HTTP or another language needed by developers, there is a tendency that the end product is a very heavy website that could take time to load. The culprit is not necessarily in JavaScript but with the way it is coded...

  • ASP.Net Timer vs. UpdatePanel

    Developers using ASP.Net could easily establish and Ajax based application through two functions in ASP.Net. Developers could either go for the ASP.Net Timer wherein the update is made automatically. The information is feed to the user without the need for use actions. ..

  • The Static Page Method in Ajax

    Loading an application online is done through the reliable HTTP. Though this is a slow method, the definite process of loading the application is important for Ajax since HTTP sports a stateless feature. In ASP.Net HTTP is able to accept any feature of most web development application it could launch. For Ajax, it is the event driven applications that are very important in most Ajax based application are loaded in HTTP. V ..

  • Seam and Spring Web Flow: Better Ajax with Java

    Java developers are now more comfortable in developing Ajax based application. Even without writing a single line of JavaScript, an Ajax based application is possible with Java developer. Although it requires advanced knowledge of Java technology to enable Java in Ajax, the fact that Java is possible opens doors to the developers who has concentrated in Java. They do not need to learn a brand new language just to go with the most popular development technique. What made this ..

  • XOAD – PHP Based Ajax Framework

    Here is another server-side framework for Ajax that has been developed for sometime now. This framework was last updated November 2005 but still holds great relevance in building Ajax based websites until today. Why? Because among the many server-side frameworks out there, few of them actually caters to PHP and XOAD is a rare few that has been proven to work for many years now. XOAD used to be called NAJAX. With the changed name, the framework came out with better functionality...

  • Comet: The Next Stage for Ajax

    Ajax has been riding the waves of popularity since it was conceived. Almost any application, frameworks and languages are now upgrading towards Ajax. Even mobile phones are upgrading towards this application and website development technique. The obvious reason for this of course, is to provide better looking and well functioning website. Ajax is the first web development technique that enables developers to update certain parts of the website without refreshing the whole webpage. When properly ..

  • Taffy DB for Faster Data Processing

    There are lots of frameworks that have been created for Ajax and other web development techniques that are geared for better user interface. These frameworks promise better functionality, speed in processing and not to mention better looking interfaces – all of these are possible without even learning a single line of coding. Frameworks such as GWT, DWR and other frameworks even offer an experience of building Ajax based application without the use of JavaScript. ..

  • Mainsoft Enables ASP.Net for Linux OS

    ASP.Net is one of the most powerful frameworks used by developers to create a highly interactive website. Building an Ajax based website is very easy with the use of this framework as it offers a control toolkit for Ajax. With little to no knowledge of JavaScript, developers can easily build an Ajax based website and application. This control toolkit could be used to control specific parts of the webpage. A small part of the webpage could refresh without changing the whole webpage – ..

  • How to Create CAPTCHA Protection using PHP and AJAX

    CAPTCHA is a simple test to determine if a user is a computer or a human. It is used to prevent spam abuse on the websites. So if you use CAPTCHA on your web site forms, this can help in stopping some bots and making life harder for other bots in accessing or using your forms. The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to make your own simple CAPTCHA protection using PHP and AJAX technologies. ..

  • IE Debugging Tools

    Internet Explorer is definitely not the darling of Ajax developers. The different issues any developer would have to face in building Ajax for IE would mean extra work. Although the number of IE users are lesser compared to what it was 5 years ago, the fact that more than half of the world’s internet users use only IE forces the developers to do some back breaking work. Fortunately, the upcoming IE8 might mean the end of our coding problems. Microsoft has announced ..

  • Better Ajax Behavior through CallBack

    One of the struggles of web developers is the limited browser behavior. Once the page loads and starts to show its content with the client, communication to the server stops. If the server is not loading continuously, no new information is available unless new information is requested by the user. However, this triggers not only new information but the whole webpage will be loaded. In a very heavy website, users might find themselves struggling to update information of the webpage..

  • Ajax Testing Tool Trouble

    Although nearly after three years since Ajax became the byword for the next stage in web and applications development, developers are still haunted by the fact that there are actually few testing tools developed that could handle the particular type of development technique. Developers could of course choose to manually inspect the application but considering the time and resources spent in checking a single application, it is always a better practice to purchase a license for a test ..

  • Introducing Qooxdoo

    Qooxdoo was released in the first quarter of 2006, Qooxdoo differs itself from other Ajax enabled frameworks because it uses JavaScript as its tool for development. Most Ajax based framework that we know of either uses other Java or other languages since its primary aim is to help developers build an Ajax based application or framework. This framework uses JavaScript. It does not apologize in doing so for one good reason: this framework is geared to build an effective client side application. ..