Software and Servers

Software and servers to aid in Ajax development.
  • AfterLogic XMail Server Pro for Windows

    AfterLogic XMail Server Pro is easy-to-use e-mail server for Linux and Windows platforms. The server supports webmail, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, SSL/TLS secure connections, SMTP authentication, account and domain aliasing, anti-spam features (Bayesian filter, DomainKeys, black lists), mailing lists, logging, remote administration, filters, forwarding, custom mail processing. Number of domains (and users per domain) is unlimited. Webmail provides modern AJAX and classic HTML interfaces, supports private/shared/public calendar, address book, folders, pre..

  • Simple Ajax Calendar

    No more page refreshes when navigating a calendar on your website! AJAX does all the work behind the scenes so your website users have a better experience. So easy to install, just FTP to your site and you're done! Start using it in seconds! It's styled with an external CSS stylesheet, so it's super easy to change colors to fit your website..

  • The Business Manager

    "The Business Manager" is a user-friendly inventory control & POS software featuring a graphic-oriented, simple-to-use interface that makes the whole inventory management process a snap. All the labor, time and money-saving that every business owner dreams of can be achieved with the use of this efficient inventory control system. We offer a 15 days fully functional trial version available for download...

  • Live Portal

    Interactive, ajax powered, web 2.0 drag drop portal and purpose-built frontend/CMS system. Fully customizable and suitable for any site and web portal. Let your users create their own personalized web..