Scripts and Programs

Categorized database of scripts and programs written in Ajax.
  • dhtmlxVault

    dhtmlxVault is a DHTML/AJAX file uploader that helps to implement a modern and feature-rich file uploading part of a web application. Built-in progress bar informs users during long-time operation about the ongoing process. Different file types are displayed with corresponding icons (more file types can be added if required). Built with AJAX technology, dhtmlxVault allows files to be uploaded seamlessly without reloading the entire webpage. Being part of a web page, this file uploader does not require additional authorization. It will work smoo..

  • iPhorm - Powerful Ajax contact form

    iPhorm is a simple yet powerful ajax contact form that you can easily embed into any web page in a matter of minutes. If you need a simple contact form to put on your website iPhorm is sure to suit your requirements. It does everything without reloading the page which makes for a sleek user experience that is sure to make a positive impression when your visitors contact you. ..

  • Ajax Chat

    Ajax Chat is a free customizable web chat software implemented in JavaScript (client side) and PHP (server side). JavaScript XMLHttpRequest object is used to fetch new data from the server. The script implements public and private chat; logging in as a register user or as a guest; smileys; etc. Ajax Chat can be integrated with a third-party membership system by implementing user authentication routine. All data is stored in a text file (no database needed). ..

  • InsanityVille's Simple Form Validation

    A simple way of validating a registration form via AJAX and php. It uses jQuery for AJAX calls and visual effects and a PHP/MySQL back-end to check for duplicates. This little demonstration is made to illustrate the simple and elegant way to make verifications on text fields without leaving the page. ..

  • PHP AJAX Cool Wall script

    The AJAX powered cool wall script allows you to create a drag and drop cool wall for your site. Visitors drag the items from one section to another to vote. ..

  • aheadOffice

    aheadOffice is an online collaboration solution, built using cutting-edge web technologies and featuring all concepts of Web 2.0. It allows companies to control projects development, effectively collaborate with local and remote teams and keep their clients and departments fully updated on all business and development processes...

  • Relational List

    Relational List is a Dreamweaver extension that allows to insert two associated lists (select fields) into your forms, a main list and a subordinate list. This is useful if you need related fields into your forms, for example country/states, brand/model, etc… In these cases the second field is populated when the user select the value for the first one. Relational List executes these actions without reloading the page, through the use of dynamic Javascript and Ajax technologies. The fields’ data are retrieved from XML files. You can edit your ow..