JavaScript is used in the form of client-side JavaScript, to enhanced user interfaces it is implemented as part of a web browser and dynamic websites.
  •  Cool Personalized Cursors
     Easy To Add Cursors To Your Web Page
  •  Interactive DHTML art-demos
     DHTML script-art gallery
  •  JavaScript Kit
     Comprehensive JavaScript tutorials and over 400+ free scripts.
  •  Frameless Popup Maker
     Frameless Maker 5 Software by CodeBrain.comGenerates and Tests Frameless PopUp, Pop-Under, and Fullscreen Window Code.
  •   About Focus on JavaScript
     This is a website which helps the user to focus on the javascripts like background Audio tool, using ActiveX with javascript, learning javascript-The while loop, status bar ticker, and few other javascript.
     Developer Fusion: thousands of free tutorials, articles, source code, components and source code for Visual Basic, ASP, .NET, C++, C#, XML, PHP, Web and Java programmers.
  •  CodeThat.Com
     Ultimate source of the high-quality javascript web solutions.
  •  Active Art Animations
     This is a very appealing site with animations and supports a lot of JavaScripts, which can be used freely. The scripts cater to scrollbars, background, graphic, text effects, popup etc.
  • JavaScripts, tips, forums, and more
  •  CodeThatBuilder
     A powerful tool that enables you to create Web site navigation.