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  • Drop Down Menu II Applet

    Features: Vertical Or Horizontal Drop Down Menu . You can change any menu item setting. Java Script Support. Multi Level Support. Icon Images Support. Sounds Support. Multi Language Support. Much More. ..

  • JTree - Java Tree Menu Applet

    JTree is a multi-platform compatible navigation applet that can load its content from XML and supports dynamical loading of sub-nodes. Just take your data from database or file, and JTree will display it in the best way, providing comfortable and powerful functionality to navigate your data and to manage it! Light-weight (only 50Kb), high-performance, having clear and comfortable API, applet is highly useful for representation of structured data...

  • Pro Menu Applet

    Features: Vertical Menu applet. Smooth sliding show. Two level support. Configurable fonts and color..

  • Fade Menu Applet

    Features: Fade effect menu. Smooth animation. Text highlighted on mouse over. Configurable fonts and color. ..

  • RTree and RMenu

    Navigation applet that can create several types of menus, trees, vertical, horizontal. Includes Designing tool...